Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Fist to five scale, there's no telling what today might come out as. But it's going pretty well and my little ball of moments is getting bigger.

Today Daniel, who previously was one of my most challenging readers, came in boasting how he had finished all of the fourth book of the Artemus Fowl series yesterday. One book. In one day. "I didn't clean my room or nothing Miss..." It's like the lights of heaven came down around the two of us. That's how happy his words and his reading and his excitement made me.

A little later I walked by Isabella's desk to see a pile of boys id cards on it. Isabella sits at a table of all boys. Oh the amount of times my name will come up in her future therapy sessions for bestowing that little treasure on her. Apparently besides being the only girl, she is also the only one who brings a pencil. She decided to take a page from Miss Thompson's Handbook On Not Losing Your Stuff and charge the boys their id cards for a pencil. When I commented on how clever she was and how I should just send all the kids to her instead of my grubby pencil drawer, she smiled at me. For Isabella a smile is a lot. Maybe I won't make the greatest hits of her therapy reel. One can only hope.

Even today during silent reading when I got a text from my dad telling me the minor surgery my mom had this morning had gone well and that she was in recovery, I couldn't help but smile and sigh deep because there's just a feeling that is like none other when you're worried in the pit of your stomach about someone you love and then you get told it's going to be okay. All will be right. And then Gustavo asked me why I was texting my boyfriend during class. Yep, even that gets to be a moment today.

Because fist to five today, every thing's going to be okay.

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