Saturday, October 14, 2006

I think my tolerance is weakening...

According to the radio personalities (who I wouldn't listen to at all if it weren't for my car cd player being broken), winter officially rolled into town on my birthday bringing with it 60 degree weather! Not even 60 degree weather, more like rain and high 60s. I'm not one to argue with this "winter" cool down because it feels so darn good, except for the fact that I am startled at how accustomed I've become to warmth. I think my tolerance for the cold might be weakening. When I left for school Friday morning the sun hadn't risen, so it was in the mid-60s and I was absolutely freezing. Today I rocked out a pair of leggings and a corduroy skirt and it was 75 degrees. This would usually be a very unreasonable 75 degrees outfit, except here in Houston, 75 is very not hot. It's downright chilly. So very strange. I now have some idea why my kids show up in sweatshirts the minute the temperature dips below 90.

In case you were wondering, my children did survive two sub days without me. They didn't get much done, but they were well behaved — for the most part. I didn't have a sub on day one so I got an in-building rotation of people who seemingly couldn't read my sub notes so they simply picked and choose what to have my kids do. So much for a process. On the second day I had a sub who is apparently pretty good, except for the fact that he gave my kids the worksheets meant for tutorials and didn't have them write their biographies. Hmmm. Friday was officially designated a make-up day. This required a bit of self-direction since people were all in different places with their work. My kids actually had it! I'm so proud of my third hour. They were the best and are now officially winning the team points challenge. They've come so far.

Friday wasn't a terribly hard day to come back to because the kids were all excited about the academic pep rally. It was actually really cool. We had a DJ and each grade had a cheer. We've got some work to do with the seventh grade, but I think once we get the heads of all the cliques to buy-in, we'll be in business. We also had a teacher vs. student tug of war. I thought Mr. Melchor had a great idea when he decided we should all just let go of the rope five seconds in and watch all the kids fall, but then the DJ announced that the losers had to dance in front of the whole school. We quickly decided to win. Then we promptly lost. Um... public dancing in front of middle schoolers is not exactly my cup of tea. We made it through it though. I'm sure it's no worse than wiping out in front of my kids like I did on Monday (the killer bruise I got from that is still making it quite impossible to where skirts).

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