Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Resource Room Junkie

So I think my favorite place at Institute (besides of course my classroom) is the resource room. TFA and corps members in general can get very bureaucratic and annoying and the resource room is like Switzerland. They’ll be nice to you no matter what, they’ll help you out with all your problems and they have really good hot chocolate. Okay, I’ve yet to see the last one come true, but I bet if you need hot chocolate for your lesson they would get it for you.

The resource room has become somewhat of a stomping ground for McReynolds people. It used to be just me, Genevieve and Jason holding down the McReynolds pride with nightly visits, but now it seems like our whole school is here. This has a little bit to do with the fact that there is a competition about using the resource room that one of our CMAs Julie wants to win. She’s a little hardcore and I like it. If we win, we win the actual resource guys at our school on the last day. I don’t really know why this is cool, but hey, I’m game.

My time in the resource room has significantly extended this week because now instead of just having Gen and Jason to talk to, I have Missy and Jeff and Bill and the list goes on… We re-hash Mr. H quotes and discuss the creative disasters are kids are causing and we do a little lesson planning while we’re at it. It’s a good time.

Maybe I’ll ask about the hot chocolate.

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