Sunday, July 09, 2006

The home stretch

We’re entering our last week of institute and I’m already getting sad. This has been like college, compacted into five short weeks. I’m so attached to the people at my school. I wish they could all just stay and teach at the Mac with me. They’re going to run of to the RGV, SLA, GNO, New Mexico, Delta and South Dakota and leave me here to deal with the Houston heat. I’m going to miss my fellow teachers like I miss not knowing how big the cockroaches in Texas are.

It is so strange that this is our last week. I feel like I’ve been here forever. TFA Institute happens in dog years, it just drags on and on. Now a part of me wishes it would slow the heck down. I feel more prepared than I ever thought I would to teach in the fall. I mean, I made it through 8A/8B and I’m teaching at the same school in the fall. There is some pride that I made turn-around at the Mac. Now I’m starting to get attached to the kids and the neighborhood and I’m wanting to see these kids get the kind of education they deserve. It feels good.

Week one I was crying way to easily and found myself scared of a 13-year-old, going into week five, I’m pumped, we’re finishing up essays on our community and how to solve problems in it, no one steals pencils from me anymore and when they come into class they sit quietly and do their warm-up. Ahhhhh…

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