Friday, July 07, 2006

Making Houston Home

I realized in all the talk of lesson plans and nervous breakdowns, I didn’t mention I had found a place to live. After a mad search, I found a three-bedroom apartment by the Medical Center with two other TFA teachers. Genevieve teaches at my school right now, but will teach chemistry in the fall and Beth will teach high school ESL in the fall. Our apartment is a little bit fancier than I needed, but it was a good price in a good location. Perhaps next year I’ll move over to Montrose, it’s a little bit more my speed.

It was a little hard planning to move in down here. It makes it all permanent. I’m going to miss Laura not knowing how to work the ice machine and Jamie’s breaking bed. I’m really not going back to Indiana at the end of the summer am I? I feel a sentimental Wonder Years moment coming on… watch out.

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