Thursday, June 08, 2006

Welcome to Houston, here our are 45,671 highways

Oh my goodness do I feel small town. After a two-day long trek with Becka to my new more southern location, I’m in Houston. The fourth biggest city in the nation. I don’t think I’m ever going to drive again. Seriously, I can’t deal with this. I mean I was a shaky driver to begin with (thanks, two random highway accidents for the boost in my confidence), but the roads down here are insane. Seven lanes! Who has seven lanes? What alternate world have I stepped into? People need to understand, I’m from Kansas, in Kansas we have three lanes: fast, medium and slow. I lived in Indiana. In Indiana I was an hour (yes, an hour) from an interstate. Oh State Road 37 I miss you so.

Beck left yesterday and now I’m in the process of being inducted into the Houston Corps. There are a lot of us here, I think our corps is 165? Wow. I look around at all these people and I wonder if what they say about TFA is really true, that we all become best friends and there’s an instant bond with anyone who has gone through the experience. I’m all about this, but I can’t help but miss my friends from Indiana. I spent four amazing years with them, I question whether or not I can get as tight with people here in a mere few days. I guess we’ll see..

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