Friday, June 09, 2006

McReynolds here I come

Today we interviewed for jobs. Being that there are 165 of us, not everyone has an interview today. I interviewed with Houston Independent School District (HISD). Some people are interviewing with Alief, which is another district to the west of the city. I interviewed with Mr. Arradondo and Dr. Cocina, the principal and Title I director of McReynolds Middle School. To be eligible for a TFA teacher, a school has to qualify for Title I status, which means that 75 percent or more of their students are on free or reduced lunches. McReynolds is 91% Title I and 96% Hispanic. It was a little nerve racking to have to interview again. I remember the day I had my TFA interview and how nervous I was. I actually thought I might throw up, I just couldn’t see how I could possibly be cool enough to get it in. I did that and finally got to take a break from the insecurity of not thinking I’m as cool as the rest of the world and now here I go again. The interview went well though and I’m fairly certain I got the job because the principal was asking me about coaching soccer (yes!) and doing work with student publications (sweet!). Four other TFAer’s interviewed at the school, which is really nice because the thought of going in all alone is really scary.

In true awesome timing fashion, after my interview I met up with Blair (also named Thompson, also born in Tulsa… weird) to head down to the pool. I threw on my swimsuit and headed for a little Texas sun. Totally great part was when I stepped off the elevator and walked directly into Mr. Arradondo and Dr. Cocina. Had I thought about the fact that the pool was on the same floor as the interview room, I might have also considered putting a shirt on over my swimsuit top. Everyone is now sure I definitely got the job because I managed to show my principal as much cleavage as humanly possible. All to fight the achievement gap friends.

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