Sunday, June 11, 2006

H-Town break it down…

Tonight was the last night of Induction. We had a blast. They took us to our surprise location, which happened to be a neat little Mexican restaurant with a sand pit and stage. Our mission was to come up with our Houston cheer. We broke into our transition teams and started brainstorming. I have to take some pride that my transition team was responsible for the winning cheer (though I had very little if nothing to do with its creation).

Just for posterity, here it is…

By any means necessary
Our gains will be legendary
From pre-K to secondary
Houston get ready for me

H-Town break it down, H-town break it down
H-town break it down, H-town break it down (this one is slower – a nod to H-town rap)
Houston 06! Houston 06!

I have to admit, TFA thus far has been a little rah, rah for my tastes. And oh God if I hear one more acronym I’m going to scream, but this week has been cool. I’m getting sucked in. I have Houston corps pride and it feels pretty good. I’m not going to turn all TFA cheerleader on everyone, but I probably won’t snicker at those who do.

Tomorrow… we start “Institute.”

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