Sunday, June 11, 2006

Welcome to Moody Tower, here is your bouch

One nifty little fact I’ve learned about the Houston corps is that (a) we’re really big and (b) we’ve been around forever, this translates into we have a big operating budget. This budget is most likely why we found ourselves staying in a $200 a night hotel for Induction. We got very spoiled. And then we came to Moody Towers.

Having lived most of my formative college years in dorms, let me tell you: ewwww. Moody is very gross. It consists of two towers, retro 70s wall hangings that double as curtains and windows that don’t open. This place hasn’t had a breath of fresh air since 1972 and it shows. My poor asthmatic lungs are already dying. Oh, lets not forget the bouch. If you’re not up on your dorm terminology, a bouch is a bed-couch. It literally pulls out of the wall at night and then when you push it back in the morning it joins with the cushions on the wall (which also double as cabinets) to make a couch. This is no Eigenmann Towers.

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