Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Top three

I'm pretty much at a loss for words to describe this weekend. It was without a doubt one of the top three things I've done in my entire life. It definitely contains the highlight of my teaching career.

Not only did we not lose or break any, but we had the best time.

This weekend without a doubt showed me that I made the right decision to stay teaching next year. I walked around camp with a bunch of screaming, joyful kids and I just knew — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that I was meant to do this. I was meant to be here. I think of how different my life could look if I hadn't applied for TFA and all I can think is thank you God, thank you God, thank you God. I'm so glad I'm here. I'm so glad I got this past weekend with my kids.

I only want more. More kids. More moments. More challenges.

Currently, I'm so tired I can barely move. I thought all day that my contacts were in the wrong eyes because everything is a little blurry, but really, I think that it's just that I'm really really tired.

I've decided that I'm sticking to just five or six of my own kids. Ninety is definitely too many.

I took literally 1000 photos this weekend. I will post more to commemorate my top three life experience later.

Now I have to go to sleep.

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