Friday, May 02, 2008

My personal goal

We leave for our seventh grade camping trip tomorrow morning. 6 a.m.

It is my personal goal not to lose or break any children. I feel like losing or breaking children would seriously undermine my confidence in rearing my own. It might also prevent the state from allowing me to fulfill my dream of adopting rainbow babies. I want five or six, I really don't want to have them all.

So lets hope for the children's sake, and that of my future offspring, that I can hang on to all 90 of them.

Really, though, I'm so excited. Today the financial clerk was talking about how some of these kids have never seen stars outside of the city. I nearly started crying. A year ago Christina and I went to the HEB camp with our church and decided the kids had to see this. She made it happen. I was the sidekick as usual. That feels pretty darn good.

We'll see how I feel after three days in the woods with seventh graders.

Please pray for my goal.

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