Saturday, April 05, 2008

currently missing...

All week I was the sad kid who had to sit on the couch in the main office and wait. I was never that kid in school (I was the antithesis to that kid in school, actually), so it was interesting to get the confused, sad, disappointed looks from people as I sat on the couch and waited. I think they were actually thinking "oh look at her, sure she shows up early but can she hold onto her keys? No sir. I bet her desk is a mess too. She's the type who leaves lunch food and soccer shoes in her car past the point of acceptable standards as well. Tsk, tsk (head shake)."

I lost my keys on Tuesday. It's really hard to get into your classroom without your keys or a crowbar. Every morning instead of walking the halls searching for a janitor I would just wait until someone higher up then me would show up with a master key for me to let myself into my classroom. By series of confusing events I actually have a master key, but that's neither here nor there since I couldn't find any of my keys.

I found my keys on Friday and it was really nice to not have to spend anymore time sitting on the couch being judged by my co-workers. It was also nice to not find out what happens when you lose a master key to a school building.

I am now currently missing my power supply to my computer. I think that it is in my car, at Laura's house or somewhere in my closet at home. I'm not sure when I'll have time to find it, but I do have a test saved on my dead laptop so sooner rather than later would be good.

I'm also missing my smiley face pen. This saddens me most of all because it was one of those pens that just writes perfectly. It made your handwriting look the best it could ever look and you liked it so much you actually enjoyed writing notes to yourself that began with "call so-and-so's parents about..." It was that good. I think one of my students stole it and I have been doing random pen checks since its disappearance on Thursday.

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