Friday, March 07, 2008

Back in the saddle

I'm sure I've lost what few readers I ever had because I essentially stopped writing. I know, shame shame. I will attempt to back-date some posts and catch up a bit. I also have some posts saved in draft form that I suppose I could let see the light of day.

But lets re-cap shall we? Yes, lets.

November was a hectic month. My soccer team won both their fall season games by, I don't know, 8 points. I am surprised they didn't leave blood on the field. Jamie got married. It was great. I started getting a lot less sleep, but putting some more time into my personal life (what? teachers have personal lives? Well... sometimes.)I won a grant to start a book club. Sweet. I battled with my principal basically all the time. It was sad and I sunk down to a level I'm not proud of. It's difficult not being difficult with someone who talks to you like you're five because you have a uterus. I suppose I should be the bigger person and show him some undeserved grace and peace. Yes, yes, I should because I am not perfect either (even though I do poses a uterus).

December rolled in with a cold weather and lots of busy days. My motivation in December? Oh, slightly waining. Unfortunate but true. Further battles with the principal and another ELA teacher. Luckily the ELA teacher stuff is fine and dandy and not a problem anymore. Must continue to think happy thoughts about the principal. I don't remember much from December actually. I was busy and sleep deprived and I lost some trouble making boys to CEP (which makes me sad).

January (Happy New Year!) appeared with state testing - duh, duh, duh. I hate state testing for a myriad of reasons, but mainly because standing in silence all day just plain stinks. It's painful to be quiet that long. It's painful to be quiet that long with 8th graders. I try to think back on my days in school and my experience with testing... I can't remember. I really can't. It was such a non-issue. I should be careful here, my thoughts on testing really do deserve their own blog. I also came back from break wondering if I wanted to teach next year. This was probably helped by break and by testing, but the thought was there nonetheless.

February - oh candy and heart induced February came in with a bang and left me pretty darn sore from the punch it packed. I'm still recovering from last month... I bruise easy you know.

And here we are with March and the first of my kids' state testing over and done with (praise the Lord) and me with some mighty big news. I have a job for next year. I have a job that I'm so excited about and truly feel called to do. It's been a rocky road to get here, but I've really leaned into my faith on this decision and I think it is what God wants for me right now. That's pretty stinking cool. I don't have a very long track record of making life choices based on what God has set out for me, so it's very close to my heart that I'm trusting God on this and truly feeling like this is something I want, but more importantly this is something He wants. Again, something for it's own blog. This is a recap, just a recap!

So there you have it. Four months of teaching all wrapped up into one very ity-bity post. I'm not really doing it justice here, but like I tell my kids when they whine about not knowing what to write on their essays: you've got to start somewhere.

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