Monday, October 01, 2007

No Miss, not the song...

I think Victor has a crush on me. Or at least that's what I tell him is the only reason I can think that he would keep being tardy to my class and keep getting detentions for it.

Since my administration is completely incapable of having anything resembling strict rules I'm kind of ignoring their half hearted attempt at lunch detentions for tardies and I simply give my own. If you're tardy twice in a week you get to come in and clean, organize or write an essay.

Oh yeah, and you get to listen to Sara Bareillis. I discovered this amazing singer about three weeks ago. This is about the same time I made a mix which I started playing during detentions (lets be honest, I don't have be giving a detention to be listening to her). Typically I play my music or polka music during detentions. They're both painful and annoying to 13-year-olds so it works.

Victor was tardy three times last week so he had to work his detention off today and as I hit play he said "Oh no Miss, not the song again. I've been singing it in my head during class. You gotta stop."

Well, one of us has gotta stop.


Hannah said...

I think that your Polka music is a wonderful disciplinary tactic.

Hope things are going well Sam! Miss you :)

Calantha said...

Good post.

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