Saturday, September 29, 2007

a little coverage

My school was featured in a NY Times Magazine story on TFA (thanks for passing on the link Matthew). As I read, I chuckled at the references to chicken places (man it's so normal that it's not weird anymore) and then was totally surprised when I read a part about some students in summer school. The reporter referenced a student named Arturo. I have an Arturo!

I printed off the article and gave it to him and he got very excited when he realized the article was talking about him. Now I just have to remember to go out on Sunday and get him the actual magazine.

The article makes some good critiques of TFA, but I think the reporter takes an odd stance at the end by seeming to criticize TFA for not fixing districts. I find this odd because it's TEACH For America, not ADMINISTRATE For America. Either way it was interesting and I think it's good to be self-critical.

Here's the link:

TFA Article

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