Thursday, October 04, 2007

Am I really a grown up?

Today I got just one more indication that I am, officially, a grown up. My best friend from college (and former awesome roommate) is getting married. Today I got her invitation. Yep, it's official. People in my world are getting married. Are we really old enough to be doing that?

So besides my friends starting to join the marriage party, I also control when people pee. This is weird to me. It always has been. I look at the kids when I say "no, you can't go to the bathroom" and they turn around and just go sit down. Really? Really, I said no so you're not going to pee? That's weird.

I don't know, I'm almost 24, maybe I should get used to being an adult. It's just weird to look at these kids and feel like yesterday I was 13 and insecure and too tall and wanting to go to the bathroom.

Now I'm looking for a dress to wear to a wedding.

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Liz said...

thats funny..."controlling when people pee". never thought of it like that?
sam...its nice to meet you in blogland.
thanks for teaching Ethan and working with the kids at Ecclesia!
you must like to teach!

i see you like alt. country.
please tell me that includes Emmylou (recent stuff) and Patty Griffin?
if not, you gotta listen...

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