Thursday, September 20, 2007

What do you make?

I have amazing people in my life. They believe in me and the work I'm doing. They believe in my kids because I believe in my kids. They send me books and school supplies and happy thoughts. More than that I know that when they hear someone say kids like my kids don't care and deserve what they've got and that teaching isn't that important, they set the record straight.

It's the rest of the people who still think that the kids who I teach — who are on average two to three grade levels below behind in reading by the fourth grade because of the color of their skin — just don't care enough to try, who drive me crazy. It's the people who think that teaching isn't the hardest, most challenging thing you could ever imagine that make me fight the urge to share some of my best teacher lectures.

To those people I say this... What do you make?

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