Monday, September 24, 2007

Man Down...

About five minutes after I lectured Blanca for being so whiney at practice and finished telling her the ball would not hurt her, she got slammed in the wrist. Perfect. Now she's afraid of the ball and might have a broken wrist.

My season was looking pretty promising, then two of my players transfered (one being the best middle school goalie I've ever seen), two got kicked off for grades and behavior, one quit and three are paying their dues on the basketball court. This all comes along with park and rec. changing their soccer program to a fall "development season" and a spring "game season." It's kind of hard to give my dual sport athletes a hard time about not showing up when they don't even get to play until the spring.

Does it make me a bad coach that I'm bummed about not being able to play? I got so much out of sports when I was a kid, and most of it had nothing to do with the score at the end. And yet, I still love the competition. I feel like my kids are missing out.

Right now they're missing out on whiney midfielder and I may be making a trip to the ER.

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