Friday, August 17, 2007

Lost box equals heartache

I have been given a significantly bigger classroom this year and Friday was the day i set aside to beautify it. Too bad I only got about an hour in to my crafty plans when I discovered that I have lost perhaps the most essential box to the aesthetic joy of my room. I have lost a box containing every motivational quote, poster and wall hanging item I own. I have also lost over 30 college pennants that I wrote to college last year to get. I was close to tears today when I searched the ELA storage room. All is not lost, I'm holding on to the hope that my box has fallen prey to an attack from one of my department chair's 2,320 boxes currently taking up residence in the storage room. These boxes are basically full of 30 years of stuff (and probably a dead body or two) and since they are all over the storage room I'm thinking my poor box may have fallen under there and is still in hiding.

Lets hope Monday proves more fruitful in my search for my lost box.

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