Thursday, August 16, 2007

Laura says I never post...

I'm not really sure what I should be posting about while on summer vacation. This is, in essence, a teaching blog. I am, in essence, a vacationing teacher. But I suppose since she said it in her "you live in the nice apartment" tone I can dig back in my respective memory and create some back posts about my summer.

I should also get back into the routine of blogging the general experiences of this crazy thing I call a job. I'm going to set some simple reminders for myself:

1. sometimes breadth can beat out depth

2. photos are a good thing and they are easy to post on here

Tomorrow I get to see some of my kids. They're coming up to help me with my classroom. What a weird thing, they're not mine anymore. They belong to Mr. Ortiz or Mr. Harris. So very strange.

That's all for now. This going back to school thing is wearing me out. I'm going to bed.

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