Saturday, January 06, 2007

who likes peanut butter and jelly

I was always a big fan of Pavlov and his dogs. I thought it was mighty clever that this man could find a reaction to a bell and then correlate it to humans. Plus, knowing about Pavlov makes for mighty clever comments at various points in the day.

The unfortunate thing about my school is that it seems to be a Pavlov-free zone. We have bells that ring all the time and yet they don't seem to mean anything to anyone. Our students seem to hear the bells, but they don't seem to care. After a semester of all this bell-ignoring behavior, the seventh grade hall has had enough.

Starting the first day back to school we began a little thing called lunch detention. I hold lunch detention in a special place in my heart because it marked a turning point for team Wallace-Thompson. Christina and I had particularly had enough of all the tardies and the snails pace at which anything gets accomplished at our school, so we took point on the lunch detention plan. Now, if you are tardy to class, you are automatically given lunch detention. Lunch detention involves PB&J and silence.

Day one of the new semester and people were running to class. Running. This is what success feels like. What used to be chaos in our hallway has suddenly turned to silence. I can see the teachers at the end of the hall, you can move in the hallways, kids um... go to class. It is amazing.

What I guess this means for Pavlov is that bells matter, but food connections matter more.

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