Friday, January 05, 2007

some parents have all the hook-ups

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I worked at a school with kids who come from wealthy homes. I hear people talk about nice gifts from parents for Christmas and the last day of school and think "that must be nice." And then I'm waiting outside a club on freezing to death on New Years Eve and my choice of employment seems to be worth it. You see, kids whose dads are lawyers don't work the door at clubs downtown. But my student's dads apparently do. As we were shivering outside waiting for them to let us in I realized that Gino, the guardian of one of my students was working the door. In this case, guardian equals quick entrance into the club.

Thankfully, the student is fairly discreet. It wasn't until day two back at school that I go to hear about me and Ms. Wallace clubbing. When I deferred probably the 20,000th question about my relationship status with "I don't have any time to date." I got back "Yeah, but you have time to go clubbing with Ms. Wallace."

Oh well, at least teaching has some perks.


Marissa said...

HAHAHAHA. I think that is the funniest thing ever. Miss you! I am coming to visit in March-- get excited!

Liz said...

really, really funny!

forgive me for being absent minded...but have we ever met in person at ecclesia?
i love your blog.
if we have or haven't...will you reintroduce yourself to me?

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