Thursday, September 21, 2006

food fights equal sour milk

My kids lost their darn minds today.

All thanks to a little rough housing at lunch.

Things have been going a pretty good for the last two days thanks to my kids loving the story we were reading and finally getting reading  books that they could use as their own (and therefore use all of the handy reading strategy question boxes that are in their texts). Then everything went down hill and it apparently started with a carton of milk. There was a food fight in during the seventh grade lunch today. It apparently involved most of the seventh grade. By the time they came back to lunch they were wound tighter than anything I've seen and they smelled like... you guessed it. Milk. To top things off our air conditioning broke. So what happens when you combine kids drenched in milk with a room that has no air? Oh yeah. It was not fun.

Third hour was doing great before lunch and by the time the hour was over they had lost team points and were writing behavior essays. I was trying to be understanding, but I'm sorry there is getting excited over a food fight and there is just being disrespectful. I even had to refer a student for just being out and out defiant (boot camp boy is already in In-School Suspension for something he did in another class). I don't know, I've got to figure out some other ideas because these kids are so freaking impulsive.

Really, the only thing that kept me going was the Grey's Anatomy premiere tonight. Yes, a television show is keeping me going. You know what it will be tomorrow? The beach on Saturday. Small steps.

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Anonymous said...

Are you a Grey's Anatomy fan, too????????? Great show...good outlet after a milk day...

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