Monday, September 25, 2006

am I a coffee addict?

So yesterday was not pretty. And I'm using my excellent (cough, cough) deductive reasoning skills to say that I think it may be due to coffee. I had professional development for TFA yesterday. My first session was pretty lame, but my second one rocked out. Too bad I was already in a migraine haze at that point. Instead of coming home and finishing my lesson plans so I could go to the Derek Webb concert at Ecclesia (, he's awesome), I went straight to bed. 11 migraine filled hours later I got up completely stressed because I wasn't prepared for today. I hate migraines because they are so debilitating and it keeps me from being in control (which I hate). I haven't had one in a while and the only thing I did differently yesterday was not have caffeine. Thanks in part to my in-classroom coffee maker and my mad teacher schedule (note: I've been here 12 hours today and will probably be here for another two at least) I've become quite the addict. It disturbs me in my health conscience mind that I am so addicted to a stimulant that my body actually creates a migraine when I don't have it. I don't know if this is actually true, but I wish I did because I don't know if I should stop drinking coffee or if I'm just making all this up. If I am, then I don't want to give up coffee. If I have to give up coffee I don't know what I'll do. This is how I make it through the days right now. My first hour actually asks me if I've had my coffee yet when I'm scatter brained.

Although it wasn't as good as it could be, my kids did do reviews today. They have their first test tomorrow. Oh my gosh. I am so nervous. I hope they're studying. I hope some of them are studying. I hope someone has retained something that will help them pass their test. Seriously, I may cry tomorrow. We take common assessments here at McReynolds because everything is common (because everyone should have the same education regardless of their teacher... don't even get me started). I'm actually hoping that my kids kick the pants off my department chair's kids. I just want to show that quality teaching and... um... writing lesson plans is more effective than sitting there and handing out worksheets. It's wrong to want children to fail so you can beat another adult right? I'm a horrible person.

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Matthew Wilson said...

Coffee is the teacher's crack cocaine. There; I said it.

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