Monday, August 28, 2006

Kids can be so stupid

Seriously, I don't understand children. I need to ask my mom if I lied so obviously when I was a child. For real.

I got a phone call from the mother of one of my students. Dear Mark. He's in my Pre-AP class and he really doesn't like me, mainly because I make him work and keep his head up. I gave him a detention today for not turning in his homework. Along with my detentions come a piece of paper telling the parent their student has a detention and having them sign. Mark went home and tried to get his mom to sign it, but she refused until he told her why he had detention. When she asked why he didn't do his homework he told her it was five pages long (which she thought was lie) and he told her detention was until 6 p.m. (this really tipped her over the edge). So she picked up my number that she had written down off the parent survey and she called me up to ask me. Funny, funny, funny. The homework was a page long and the detention is half an hour. Now I have Mark's mom's cell phone, she thinks I'm awesome and he's in trouble for lying to his mother and not doing his work.

My other bonehead of the day has got to be Tony. Tony already has a detention with me for not turning in homework and he geniusly blew it off. So this weekend I got to call his dad. Not only did I get to talk to his dad about the homework, but I also got to talk to him about the fact that Tony wrote "Fuck You" (only he spelled it Y-O-W) on his desk. How do I know he did it? Because I have assigned seats and only one other girl sits there and she was absent that day. Nice going Tony. About an hour after I called his dad, Christina Wallace called his dad because Tony has a detention with her for skipping class. Needless to say, Christina got him first, but tomorrow Tony gets to clean every desk in my room with smelly cleaner.

These two could have made my day all on their own if it weren't for my dear boot camp boy Brian. Brian was in rare form today. He walked into my class five minutes late and joined the class in the back of the room (we were doing our entering procedure over for the second time), he looked out the window and saw a teacher who he then flipped off. I sent him out in the hall and on his way out he said 'fuck you" to me or some other student. Coach Bradford was out in the hall so I had him deal with Brian. Lucky me, I got him again for team time so I set him to work doing all the work he missed in English. When he finished he was allowed to join the group for our game, but he made it about two minutes before he hit the girl next to him. I again sent him to the back of the room to wait (since we were already going to the office to talk about earlier) and he refused so I called the office to let them know he'd be on his way down. He stormed out of my room, but apparently never made it to the office because he came back after school to get his confiscated cell phone. I took him to my assistant principal who read my list of incidents and looked at him like he had lost his mind. She sent him home (God knows why) and on the way out he told her she could do whatever the hell she wanted to do. So in one day, Brian got kicked out of three classes, cursed at a teacher, flipped off a teacher and cursed at an administrator. The only thing more unbelievable than his behavior is when my AP told me she'd "do her best" to get to him tomorrow morning so he wouldn't be in my class. Um, excuse me? So basically there's no discipline at this school whatsoever? He cursed at an administrator! Do you need me to walk him down to the in-school-suspension office? I'm still at a total loss on this one.

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they need to change it to "AP For America!"

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