Monday, August 14, 2006

Day one down..

So I made it through my first day. It wasn't nearly as bad as deep down I thought it would be. They're really scared of me. This is a good thing.

The schedule today was really wacky. We did all the classes instead of block scheduling and since I'm a double block, I saw all my kids twice. Then I saw my 2nd hour twice because we had to send all the kids back to second hour to do our official attendance count over. Random. Those kids really don't like me, they got a double dose of the rules. We have to do our random schedules over again tomorrow. Boo. One Wednesday we start the real deal and I'm excited because this means diagnostics.

Besides having a random schedule, our numbers were way down. They were expecting 700 and our official count was 569. Wow. Not even kids staying in Mexico until Labor Day can account for that drop. The older teachers at the school said it was because of all the news media and the threat of closure. It works out well for me because my classes are smaller, but we'll see if they stay that way.

On a survey I gave to my kids I asked them some yes or no questions. One of the questions was "do you think you're smart?" I had 15 students say no. Wow. I hate that they think that about themselves. We're going to change it. Another question was "do you think your actions today affect your future?" The vast majority said no. We're going to change that too.

Tomorrow is another day, but tonight I'm headed to bed early. I'm so tired!

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