Thursday, July 20, 2006

We're adults, when did that happen? How do we make it stop?

Today marks my first official, official day as a grown-up in Houston. I'm no longer living in a dorm, my parents aren't here to take me out to eat and I bought a big girl wallet. It was weird.

My parents and little sister Kylie have been in town since Sunday. Something to be known about my family is that they're kind of insane. This basically means they're entertaining for about 36 hours and then my mom and I start going at each other like really angry pitbulls. My dad is mellow and doesn't complain when we make him take two trips to Ikea and then put the furniture together for me and Gen. My mom is probably the most controlling person on the face of the earth, except she doesn't think so and she's never wrong. She means well, but I get a little moody when you tell me I'm wrong about the directions I got off mapquest and then proceed to take us the most backwards way around the city off your stellar map reading skills. It was interesting. My little sister Kylie is kind of in her own world. She has no sense of personal space which means she is always touching me, talking too loudly or generally ignoring all sorts of social norms. Something to be known about me is that I like my personal space (a lot) and I think you wouldn't be very wrong if you said I was a bit more reserved and conservative than the rest of my family. This combination (plus Kylie leaving her Ritilan at home) made for an interesting four days. Gen certainly enjoyed it, but she's easily amused and I don't think she'd have furniture if it weren't for my need to decorate.

So the family peaced out early this morning (too early to join us for breakfast at House of Pies, which is good because we didn't roll around to breakfast until about 10:30) and left me to be all adult like here in my new home. After we rocked the pie house, we hit up CarMax. What else do you do on your first day as an adult, but look at cars. We'd be really good at looking at cars if we were any good at looking at cars. When Gen decided to check out the first car we sat in the front seat and she looked at me and asked "What am I supposed to look at?" I gave my best and most eloquent answer by looking back and shrugging. Then the car man opened the hood and we were even more confused as to how to fake competency. I'm glad I'm not buying a car, I would just pick the prettiest one and call it a day. Anyone privy to my poor blistered feet this summer would know that strategy doesn't really work with shoes, so probably would also fail with vehicles.

After Gen made me sweat to death on the car lot I made her go shopping with me. I heart Target. I buy all my teacher clothes there. You would think this would keep me from breaking the bank, but oh you'd be surprised friends. Beth and I have walk-in closets at the apartment and Gen opted for the room without a walk-in because she has significantly less clothing. I'm trying to help her with this by taking her shopping. She just doesn't see the joy in a really cute sweater set. Missy Ball where are you? While at Target, buying lots of things I didn't need and/or can't afford, I decided it was time to stop misplacing all my credit cards, ID and spare cash. It was time to buy a grown-up wallet. I've had my "briefcase" (it's a boy brief shaped pouch that I'm realizing sounds really weird to those of you who have never seen one) for four good years, but now I have to carry a checkbook and more than my debit card. Boo to adulthood. Boo to credit and bills and spending my own money. Can I get a scholarship for life please?

I've got more decorating to do before roommate numero dos rolls in from Michigan tomorrow. She deserves to come home to a place without boxes strewn across the floor. Three more days of freedom before I roll back into TFA world and "professional dress."

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