Monday, June 09, 2008

Something to do while you wait...

I've been trying to brainstorm what I can do to get my students into reading (since that is one of my major goals in life). My thought turned to all of you friends and interneters and how much my kids love to know about "grown-ups" and also how much they love to get mail. So here's my plea:

Take five minutes and write a letter to my class. Tell them what your favorite book was in fifth grade and why you liked it. Tell them why reading is important. Ask them questions about their lives and what they're reading.

I'd like to use your letters as a catalyst to get their interest in reading up. I would also like them to realize that recommending books is fun. So if you write them, they will write you back and tell you about the book they read (who knows, it might be your suggestion).

I understand that most of us don't use snail mail very often, but if you could take the time to hand write a letter, that would be awesome. You can send them to my school here:

Miss Thompson's Fifth Grade Class
3D Acdemy
4610 E. Crosstimbers
Houston, TX 77016

If you know of any kids, grandparents, friends, moms, dads, significant others in your life who would like to write a letter to my kids, please please pass this on. I will take anything.

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6justmyopinion said...

Sam...Hope you are doing well.
You have been "tagged". See my blog.

Love, Barb

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