Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Follow the sun

My favorite thing about sunflowers (besides being the Kansas state flower) is that they always turn their heads to face the sun. They follow it. Like they know more than the rest of us what is important.

I want my faith to be like that. To always turn and follow God. To always search through the weight and challenge and bad days and find the beauty and the grace and the majesty that is God.

I'm coming up on some major transitions in my teacher life and my personal life. It's getting a bit overwhelming. I'm also getting ridiculously busy. While this is exciting and I'm unsure I've ever woken up this easily in the mornings or wished to face each day in the manner in which I currently do, I worry about where busyness takes me. Busyness often takes me into super competitive, check it off a list, keep up or get left behind Sam mode. That Sam is effective, but not really the type of Sam who is following the sun.

I want to follow the sun.

I want to start every day and end every day with the simplicity of its rays, knowing that in following the beauty of those moments I am following the beauty of what God has given me.

I want to follow the sun.


Jamie Hergott said...

i do too.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. You make me happy to enjoy those things also. I had a Bible Study this year with Beth Moore, she said.."Settle the matter of authority, first thing in the morning." that made such sense to me. Who is my authority today? I hope I am following the sun, following the Son.
Another brief, today I was relaxing (we all need too) in the yard. There was a bee on the lavendar doing its pollen thing. Sookie, our yellow lab pup was so interested. She just kept watching it with her eyes. I was reminded, oh the wonder of it all. Lavendar or sunflowers..the Lord created it all.

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