Thursday, May 29, 2008

The End

Today is my last day with my kids. I cannot believe two years have gone by so fast. Too fast (okay, maybe not).

I told my kids I wasn't coming back and they're now referring to my new school as "that nerd school." They apparently think it is a bad idea for me to not be here next year. I can't write about that right now or I'll start crying.

It's probably a good thing that I'm too busy to deal with the fact that I'm leaving this place. All of the good and all of the bad have mixed together to create one heck of a ride for my first two years of adulthood.

The next step is really exciting and really scary all at once...

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Anonymous said...

What a privilege to be loved by the children you have taught. You must have done a great job. Now onward to the next group of kids you can influence. The Lord must have great confidence in you, He continues to give more of His children to you.

Good for you.....Barb

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