Monday, May 26, 2008

Don't mess with Kansas either

Oh sweet, sweet vacation.

Sweet, sweet four day weekends. One of my favorite things about teaching is, without a doubt, the vacation days.

I've gotten basically nothing done this weekend and have a mad last week of school and start to new school coming up, but it's been a great trip.

Things I never realized were great about Kansas:

•It's green. There are trees and hills (oh, hills how I miss thee).
•It's May and it's not 95 degrees at 8 a.m.
•My sister is hilarious. I can't relay my favorite conversation of the weekend because my mom reads this blog (hi Mom), but it was so funny. My second favorite conversation occurred in the car today with Kylie and my mom. Mom was in the back seat.

Mom: Kylie, you need to slow down.
Kylie: muth-urr you are not driving.
(deep sigh omiteed from the back seat)
Kylie: Ugh, stupid people. What is wrong with that car? Did you see him cut me off?
All of this happened after Kylie had basically run a stop sign and sort of jumped a curb. But she was still aghast at the driver who had the right of way pulling out into traffic in front of her.
Mom: you are a horrible driver.
Kylie: I hate people.

•There are Sonics everywhere. I went to the Sonic where the commercials are filmed. I take special pride in those little joys coming from my state. And might I recommend a Vanilla Cranberry Coke?
•There are Paneras everywhere (I was raised in the heart of suburbia after all).
• The glorious Shawnee Mission park system and being able to run without losing every ounce of moisture in my body.
•My church still holds hands when we sing the benediction. Even with my space issues, this is one of my absolute favorite things in the whole world. Jacob's Well is also so much like Ecclesia that I forget what city I'm in.
•Lawrence is still one of my favorite cities. Ever.
•Driving in Kansas after driving in Houston leads one to realize "Man, there really is no one living in this state at all."

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