Thursday, April 10, 2008

You threw away MY SANDWHICH?!

I don't understand the lack of refrigerator etiquette in this world. I really don't. Last year people used to drink my sodas and use my salad dressing. The kicker was when someone apparently dropped my food on the floor and then put it back in the fridge. Really?

Luckily Christina and I got a fridge and have had no common refrigerator issues ever since.

Until yesterday. I made two pans of enchiladas the other night to take to Karen's house on Wednesday. I covered the pans and put them in a large bag and brought them to school because I was going from soccer to Karen's to bible study and I live completely out of the way from everything. I was very careful to shove them in the back of the fridge in the faculty lounge when I arrived in the morning.

When I went in to the faculty lounge to retrieve the food I saw that the foil was slightly dented so I took a peek inside. Someone had eaten one of the enchiladas. Out of the middle of the pan.

I. Kid. You. Not.

I simply cannot understand how someone walked into the faculty lounge at lunch time, saw a bag turned all the way around and thought "hmmm... I'm sure someone brought this just for me and forgot to email, call or tell me in person that it was in here. Good thing I'm nosy."

I'm going to consider this forced sharing because it's better than anything else I can think of right now. Maybe someone was desperately hungry. Maybe they had to have chili cheese enchiladas or fall into a diabetic comma. Maybe I saved their life. Yes, that's what I'll think.

One more life saved and all it took was an enchilada.

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