Wednesday, April 16, 2008

that did not just happen

On Monday Devie dropped my computer on the floor.

And a part of my soul died.

He didn't mean to do it, and it was my fault too, but oh it was painful. I nearly cried.

I had set my computer on a desk so I could send an email while the kids in my tutorial period did their silent reading. It was just ever so slightly resting on the edge of two other desks. I told Devie to pull up a desk next to me so we could read together and we both pulled the desks at the same time. I guess the momentum was enough to bring my computer crashing to the floor.



I just stood there with my hands over my eyes begging God for a do-over. (This was much like the mom in Cheaper By the Dozen when Fedex breaks the cups — I think it should be noted that we cannot be friends, or at least not close personal friends, if you do not like this movie. It is my comfort movie. I am not ashamed to admit that.) If we got three do-overs in our entire lives I think that moment would have been one of mine. That's how totally trauma-free my life has been. And how much I love my computer.

The silence was deafening. When I opened my eyes Devie was doubled over holding his hand over his mouth in utter shock and terror. He understood the gravity of what had just happened. He understood that Ms. Thompson has no children and loves her MacBook like it was her own flesh and blood. Everyone else understood too because they just sat there in silence staring at me and Devie. They're never that quiet.

Luckily, I did not have to kill my first student ever (and dispose of the body where?) because I turned my computer on and it still worked. The LCD panel was sitting funny, causing a gap in the edge of the computer, but when I took it to a Mac Genius (oh how I dream of someday falling madly in love with a Mac Genius) he did scary things like unscrew the top panel pop out everything that seemed vital and important never to remove. But he fixed it. Everything is okay. Blood pressure is returning to normal.

If it wasn't okay, that would be okay too. I could be lying in a drug induced computer-less haze right now. Christina gave me strep throat on our wild weekend with Shaq and I am at home debating the wisdom of taking the vicodin the doctor gave me for the grape fruit that is currently lodged in my throtal-area.

If I take the vicodin I wonder if I will wake up not remembering the awful noise my computer made when it hit the ground?

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J said...

yes, i will pray for you to meet and fall in love with a mac genius... i've got one for a husband and let me tell you it is *sweet!*
and i am one lucky girl because i've dropped his mac book pro on the concrete... and he *still* loves me :)

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