Monday, August 27, 2007

Lets do some math

Our counselors are crack-ass-crazy. I feel like there is no other way to describe them than that. Lets do a little word problem shall we?

Ms. Thompson has 27 students on her roster. When second period begins, the 27 students show up to her class and then three others with "mock" schedules also come in. Within five minutes, eight more students show up with mock schedules. In the following 55 minutes (oh yeah, they also extended second period), 12 more students come in with mock schedules. Ms. Thompson only has 26 desks in her class room. By the end of second period when Ms. Thompson's principal comes to see her with the superintendent of schools how many students does she have in her room, how many chairs has she borrowed from other teachers and how royally pissed is she?

You can email if you'd like to check your answers.

For some reason, the person who's job it is to make logical schedules decided that the most "logical" approach to children not having schedules would be to create one — yes, just one — mock schedule and send those children on it all day. If you paid attention in the math problem above that means that 50 kids are all going to the same place all day long.

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