Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And the all-star award goes to...

Marquis. My trooper who got so sick during today's test that he projectile vomited in the hallway before I was able to drag him into the women's restroom to continue emptying his stomach. As we sat on the floor of the teachers restroom together and he begged me not to send him home because he wasn't done with this test I knew that this child was amazing. He spent the rest of the day sitting in the counselors office puking into a trashcan and taking his test.

This is my story from my first TAKS test ever. Marquis and the trashcan.

Besides that I can't believe the actual physical weight that has been lifted off my shoulders now that this test is over. I can actually breath again. I'm sitting here tonight feeling like it's going to be okay again. I feel like I know how to prep them better for the next test. I feel like I'm going to get more sleep again. All of this makes me very happy, but right now I'm going to go think about how much he is my hero.

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