Monday, November 06, 2006

FYI: you can't mark out pen with pencil

Oh what a day. My classroom was unbelievably hot. Why might it be hot? Maybe because they turned on the heat. The kids don't seem to understand that teachers don't really enjoy an overheated classroom anymore than they do. Not only were my kids super whiny today, but I feel like I've spent all day dealing with their life dramas.

I confiscated a note from Dahlia, one of my best students and soccer players, in first hour today. She quickly tried to mark the important words out with a pencil. Too bad you can't cross out pen with a pencil. I don't always pay that much attention to notes, but I do check them over for gossip emails with Christina and to make sure no one is pregnant or going to get jumped after school. Boy was this note a whopper. Dahlia was in deep conversation about her step-brother Tony, one of my most challenging students who is in another hour, smoking pot on Friday. She couldn't cross out his name, but she did manage to cross out the other student's name. Once I read the note (after first hour) I knew i had to find the name of the other kid. I went down to lunch and pulled Dahlia out. She tried to tell me the Tony in the note was someone else, but eventually admitted who it was. She also told me the name she crossed out was Luiz. I was really surprised because Luiz is in my Pre-AP class, is a great kid and doesn't even hang around with Tony. I told the counselor and she called Luiz's mom and then called Luiz in. He admitted to it as well and said Tony got the drugs. I had called Tony's dad, but he didn't respond the way I thought he would. He sounded almost indifferent and wanted to talk to Dahlia about the note. I'm pretty sure he'll believe Tony when he pins it on someone else.

This all comes on top of me already telling the nurse to refer Tony for an ADD observation. I also had to pull four girls out of my Pre-AP class because they're failing. I'll be getting four kids who tested gifted and talented and need to be in Pre-AP and losing these four who aren't motivated, don't do work and generally are a pain. Not a horrible switch, but I still wish I could do more for them. I also called 10 parents after school for various behavior concerns.

I have an observation day tomorrow so that means only 7.5 more instructional days until Thanksgiving Break! I'm so excited there aren't words.

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