Friday, October 06, 2006

long time no type

Hello friendly blog readers. Did you all think I had packed it up and headed back home? Not so dear friends. I've just been super busy. Unfortunately, too busy to write to you (which is to say this will probably be very short).

The run-down: After a very nice three day weekend, my kids straight up lost their minds. They regained their minds on Wednesday and Thursday and we have now conquered adverbs.

I'm in love with tracking. I am in fact a very anal retentive person. While I don't usually cling to numbers (mainly because I don't understand them), I do actually love the tracking system TFA has set up for me. I break down my objectives and list them in this pretty little excel spreadsheet. It tells me every objective, by percent, that my kids are mastering. So helpful. This is a neurotic person's dream come true. It's going to help me... get this... have more control. Love it.

Girls soccer won their first game! Woo-hoo! My midfielders had no idea what they were doing because at the last minute we switched and played on the big field, but they pulled through. 3-0. Take that. We're going to take E.O. Smith by storm next week.

Last but not least... Jamie is coming! This is my best bit of news for the week. Jamie is going to be here on the 20th. Um... cannot wait. I need some Indiana in my life and since Jamie is the best thing coming out of Indiana these days, life is going to be very very happy.

Time to go prepare lesson plans for the two days I have to be out of the classroom next week (one day is on my birthday). Oye, I hate sub days.

Peace out cub scout.

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