Saturday, September 16, 2006

Teaching high...

Yesterday was an absolutely fantastic day. Armed with new ideas, some new lesson plans and a little powerpoint help from Tara (the teacher I observed) I went into my classroom, retaught plot and conflict and I actually had fun. Like a lot of fun. It was so great. Beyond that, my kids had fun. My pre-Ap class was actually laughing and answering questions and coming up with ideas. These are the kids who usually won't talk at all. They were so into it. My third hour was even better. These kids have come so far behavior wise, but are really slow skill wise and all the power point slides and discussion on conflict really got them thinking about it all. I had two people not answer my entire exit ticket right. That has never happened with this class.

And kids are darn funny too. My kids are convinced that I'm dating Mr. Graham across the hall because he comes in and gets coffee from me in the mornings (now that Mr. Graham, Mr. Matthews and Mr. Orduna come for coffee in the mornings, Luiz tells me I'm a baller...). Now my kids think I have some type of sordid love triangle going on because Coach Bradford decided it would be a good idea to grab me when I was standing in the doorway and shout to my class "this here's my girl." Quite the confusing thing considering they're convinced he's dating Ms. Wallace. Since my kids wouldn't stop talking about it, we incorporated it. HYPOTHETICALLY, if I was dating Coach Bradford and I thought he might be stepping out on me with Ms. Wallace, I wouldn't know what to do because I want to date him, but he has to treat me right. What type of conflict would this be (character versus self, internal). But then the kids thought maybe Ms. Wallace is mad at me for dating her man (and that's character versus character, external). It was a very funny turn in the lesson, but hey they got the material.

I have to keep teaching like this. There is no doubt in my mind. If I can go home most nights feeling the way I did yesterday I could do this forever. Most Fridays I barely have the energy to drag myself out for dinner and happy hour with friends and then I head home to sleep off the stress of the week. Yesterday I had the energy for tutorials and detentions and still had a great night. Today, I'm back at school trying to plan for the coming week and plan for Unit Two.

Apparently on top of throwing all of my time into my new teaching style, I'm also going to be coaching a heck of a lot of soccer. My girls met on Thursday and they want to practice Monday through Wednesday and then their games are on Thursday. I'm all about the dedication, but Coach Thompson also has to make sure she gets certified... oye.

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