Monday, September 18, 2006

Did that really just happen? (part 1)

Today was the first day of soccer practice. It was like the first day of school with soccer balls. These girls are so bad! And when I say bad I mean on the field and listening. They don't listen at all and they are so mouthy. I actually kicked a girl off the field. She told me she didn't have to listen because she played last year. At this point I asked how many games they won last year. Um, that'd be a big fat zero. Now I'm understanding why it was so easy to become the girls coach... the girls are horrible. They scream when the ball comes near them. Really? You're afraid of the soccer ball? Really?

I can't believe I'm actually applying TFA strategy to coaching soccer, but this is certainly not coaching soccer in Southern Indiana. I just can't put up with being ignored or spoken to the way I was spoken to today. We're going to instate some good 'ol fashion rules and if they don't like it then they don't play. I've got plenty on my plate, I don't need two months of this too.

There were some good things, though they were pretty hard to see through the mess. The girls who were my students paid attention and got mad at the girl I threw off the field. I have a little sixth grader who skipped her water break to stay and work on foot skills. We also had some boys who hung around and ended up helping out and they thought the girls were being horrible as well.

I think I need to recruit sixth graders for the team. I highly doubt some of the girls who came today are going to make it.

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