Sunday, July 30, 2006

crafty, crafty...

Finally, a little extra sleep and free time has allowed my crafty side to once again show itself. My first major project that required a trip to Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite places) was in the name of my headboard. Though I threw down way too much money for my new mattress, I opted to go el-cheapo route and not buy a bed frame and headboard to go with it. Instead, I tracked down a staple gun (not nearly as easy as it is to find random stuff in B-town and KC... oh connections I miss you) and got to work with some upholstery. I would like to take this moment to celebrate the fact that my headboard making involved 1) a large piece of plywood 2) scissors 3) a staple gun and I ended up with not a scratch on me. Shocking I know, considering most normal days without electric construction tools involved have a 50-50 shot of me ending up in the emergency room. I had just finished congratulating myself on my craft-safety record when all was lost. While moving my headboard into my room to its rightful place, I tripped over the shoes I hadn't managed to throw in the closet yet. This set off a chain reaction that subsequently ended with me dropping the headboard against the window and breaking it. I have to say that in all my mis-adventures (and oh there have been misadventures) I have never broken a window. So my headboard is in place along with a reupholstered ottoman for the foot of the bead, but I can't walk on the left side of my bedroom without shoes on. These are the sacrifices we make for interior design glory I suppose.

Tomorrow marks my first day of HISD training. A lovely little thing they're calling abrazo (which means embrace). It will be interesting to compare HISD training to TFA training. Maybe I'll have two cups of kool-aid to drink from by the time this week is over. On top of training, I'm also in the depths of classroom planning. I've been officially assigned to 7th grade reading and writing (room 223 if you're looking for me). Now I have to read mad amounts of curriculum, figure out diagnostics tests for both reading and writing, write rules and classroom procedures and basically sign over a kidney to office depot and various teacher supply stores in the greater Houston area to cover classroom set up costs. Let the education gap butt kicking begin.

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